For me, a “Travel Look” is an easy, light, warm, and chic look that is great for getting to your destination. The key to a great travel look, though, is to make sure it is comfortable.


This is my go-to travel look that is perfect for winter travels over to Spain. The cardigan is very soft and comfortable, and it is the perfect length to cover me up on the chilly plane ride. The yoga pants are breathable and great to cuddle up and fall asleep. I love the shirt for a trip to Europe, it is just such a fun piece. The scarf can be taken off if I get too warm or can be wrapped around my head to block out noise and light if I want to sleep. The key in the look, though, are the shoes. They are easy to slip off while going through airport security. I plan to store them under my seat while flying and wear a pair of heavy socks to keep my feet warm. This outfit is an easy and comfortable look while still being fashionable.






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