A few collected thoughts from the past few days before I fall asleep:

1. I am able to pass very easily for a Spaniard thanks to my dark hair and pale skin. That is to say, I can convince anyone I am Spanish until they hear my American accent. Next on the list: to SOUND like a Spaniard.

2. I thought I would be brave enough to be able to drink a café con leche without sugar, but it turns out I need sugar. A lot of it. Coffee is very very very strong here.

Café con Leche, a lot of sugar, and un poco bizcocho!
Café con Leche, a lot of sugar, and bizcocho!

3. No es sábado sin el sol ni el amor. A phrase that Teresa told me Saturday: It’s not Saturday without sun or love. As she put it: the sun will always come out, even for a little while, every Saturday and at some point in their life, everyone will be in love on a Saturday. Therefore, there is always a little bit of each.


4. Tengo una boca buena! Literally meaning: I have a good mouth, but Teresa told me it means I will eat anything.. The other afternoon after lunch she put her hand on my stomach and proudly told me I look three months pregnant. Awesome.

5. If you ever visit Spain, make sure to bring a lot of floss. The meat it so tender, it always gets stuck in my teeth!

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