Thanks to a life changing experience during my semester in Spain, I am very excited to announce that I will be heading back to Europe in March!

The city I will be exploring….? None other than the beautiful, romantic and timeless city of Florence, Italy!

flo 1
Ponte Vecchio


I am so excited for this opportunity to head back to a city that we were not able to spend much time in last Spring! In Florence my small class and I will be studying a local entrepreneurial business to help my pursuit of an International Business major!

Stay tuned for more travel tips, wine suggestions, and taste testing as I get to know one of the world’s most elegant cities!

Until then…Ciao!

Santa Maria di Fiore
Santa Maria di Fiore

One Reply to “Ciao Firenze!!”

  1. Way to go, Claire! Italian workmen certainly have a relaxed approach to work and business. Here’s hoping you getg an entrepreneur who’s a go-getter, someone like Lorenzo il Magnifico!

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