Everything is (Some Sort of) an Adventure

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So for anyone who wasn’t aware, I just started working as a Guerilla Marketing Specialist for Jimmy John’s! With this position, I will be traveling 100% of my work week and helping new and struggling stores make a better connection to their community.

I don’t know this delivery boy, but I appreciate him celebrating my job with me.

The perks? Traveling, of course! But this time, a different kind: throughout my home country! Some weeks, I will be traveling to cities like Los Angeles or Boston, but other weeks, I will be enjoying some time in small town America. I am looking forward to each trip I take, which I will update on here.

Last week I enjoyed some time in Champaign, IL and for the next two weeks I will be splitting my time in training between Lafayette and Indianapolis, Indiana!

Me and my favorite travel companion: Bianca my Honda Civic (notice she’s decked out in Iowa State)

I have decided that I am going to really explore this country, especially when I’m just driving from town to town. So yesterday, I decided to take an hour long detour because I saw a sign for Turkey Run State Park! My thought process went: Ok, I have an hour and a half until sunset, I have my gym shoes in the trunk, and nothing but time. I’m going to go hike and find some wild turkeys!

I wish I could say that that is exactly what happened. But if anyone has enjoyed my other misadventure posts, then its easy to see that nothing really happens how I planned…Here’s what went down:

Me to Park Ranger: Hi! I’m here to hike!

Park Ranger: That will be $9.00.

Me: Oh…Ok well how long do I have until the park closes?

PR: 35 minutes

Me:….Are there any turkeys?

PR: Not that anyone has ever seen.

Me: Really? In Turkey Run State Park?

PR: Really.

Me: Ok then I’m going to turn around…

The best part? I tried then to set my navigation back on route aannnddd I had no signal!

So if you are ever passing through Turkey Run, IN just be aware that there are NO turkeys. Their high school team is the Turkey Run Warriors! That doesn’t even make sense!

But, I did get a chance to take a picture of this quaint little white church so at least that was worth it.

Sugar Creek, IN

I will be updating my blog as more adventures (and misadventures) take place, so don’t forget to “follow” it! Also check out the new navigation menus, they took me forever to figure out!

3 Replies to “Everything is (Some Sort of) an Adventure”

  1. We have wild turkeys in our retirement community woods and sometimes in our parking lot!
    I love Turkey Run State Park. Have many happy and funny memories from there.

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