As many who read this blog understand, I am not very good at staying in one place for too long. I travel weekly for work, I travel on weeks off of work…I even travel when I travel. Meaning, I wasn’t going to spend a whole week in Paris while visiting France.

7EABF0C8-6B2B-4CD7-9C0B-00C4C07852B3Since I didn’t know much about the country, I decided to consult my trusty Pinterest page. As I was scouring through photos of places I had dreamed of going in France, it was crazy to think that I would actually (finally) be visiting one of those picturesque villages! The chosen location for two days? Colmar, France.


Would you just look at how cute this is? This part of town is known as “Petite Venice” for good reason.

Located near the border of Germany and Switzerland, this little, half-timbered town has been taken over so many times that the residents speak both German and French, which made my remedial translating abilities much less so.

But no matter, my mom and I just walked around going “Look at how beautiful that is!” “No, no look at how beautiful that is!” Trying to outdo each others scenes. The town really is breathtaking, just take a look for yourself.

A corner of the main square in the historical downtown
Flowers everywhere! It was lovely!
IMG_9060 (1)
The itty bitty courtyard in our building


The French and German influence is apparent here with the restaurant being “Chez Hansi”

We really didn’t have an itinerary here, my plan was just to walk and explore. This turned into stopping for wine and a charcuterie platter, popping in an out of antique shops, and finally, picking a spot for the famous tarte flambée (really just glorified pizza) of the region.


We stayed in a charming Airbnb just off the main plaza and, the next morning, we walked outside of the building to find a smattering of rain and a lovely little flea market in the middle of our little square. Trying out my little bit of french, we found a stand with loads of antique paintings, prints, charcoal drawings, and more in boxes and promptly asked how much everything was.

“5 euro each” was the response. For everything. We promptly got to digging.

One thing my mom taught me (which we put straight to action) is to pick up a little piece of art in every location that I love. Then I can bring it back to my future home and make it a collection of my travels.

unnamed (6)
My artistic treasures from our trip! An antique canvas oil painting from Colmar on the left and two original oil paintings from little shops in Montmartre on the right.

Did we end up having to buy another bag to bring all of our stuff home in? Yes, but that is beside the point. (Not to mention Colmar has a great shopping drag full of boutiques that we popped into as well).

unnamed (5)
Yes, I was the sherpa of the trip

By the end of our brief jaunt to Colmar, we returned to Paris relaxed, cultured, and content with a bit more luggage than we had showed up with.

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